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Sensorial Cards    (FP4)
A valuable extension of sensorial work is to match the 10 Montessori cylinders, 10 pink tower blocks, and 10 broad stair blocks to these “footprint” cards. These exercises promote visual discrimination and comparison of solids and planes. The cards are of durable and washable rigid vinyl and do not need to be laminated.  Purchase from:

Sensorial Labels    (T1)
This set presents 154 vinyl word labels for attributes of the Montessori sensorial materials, including colors, comparative adjectives, baric tablets, polygons, triangles, taste jars, leaf shapes, geometric solids, and fabrics. The durable, white rigid vinyl labels (3" x 11/8”) are cut from 14 sheets. Labels can be used in dry and wet situations and do not need to be laminated.  Limited quantities from: http://www.montessoriservices.com/sensorial-labels


This organized and flexible early phonics system gives children the practice they need for learning the sounds of the English alphabet. This systematic approach, tested in Montessori classrooms, also aids the teacher in keeping track of each child’s progress. Picture cards and letter cards are in full-color and laminated. Lesson plans are included for each set.

Initial Consonants    
20 consonant letter cards (2" x 2½”) and 150 picture cards (color and laminated, 2¼” x 2½”) are provided in labeled 6 boxes to create 6 different sorting exercises. Each box contains a carefully selected group of consonants that are dissimilar in sound and shape, such as h, s, t. Sort the picture cards according to their initial sound. After sorting, the child repeats the initial sound followed by the name of each picture. The unusually large number of picture cards enables the child to internalize the sound of each initial consonant because the oral repetition reinforces the child’s awareness of that sound in association with the visual letter.
Purchase from: http://www.montessoriservices.com/initial-consonants

Middle Vowels     (EP2)
This set of 42 picture cards (color and laminated, 2" x 2½”) introduces the five vowels after work with the Initial Consonants set. The 42 picture cards are divided among 5 boxes labeled a, e, i, o, and u. Cards are laid out and are named. Then each word is spelled out using the Movable Alphabet. This activity is a key preparation for the traditional Object Box One, first reading lesson.
Purchase from: http://www.montessoriservices.com/middle-vowels

Classroom Environment Labels    
Reinforce and develop early reading skills with these labels (1" x 3"), which children match to the objects in their environment. The 150 labels name furniture, equipment, utensils, and practical life materials. Labels are of durable vinyl (with blue lettering) and can be used in dry and wet conditions.  Purchase from: http://www.montessoriservices.com/classroom-environment-labels 

Seven Prepositions       (L2)
This duplicate set of 2-color photocards (2¾” x 4¼”) illustrates the relationship of a ball to a stationary basket: in, on, above, under, beside, behind, in front. Cut one set of cards apart to make a 3-part matching exercise. The Replicard (8½” x 11") is photocopied to make worksheets for the child to label. Completed worksheets are cut apart and stapled together to make a “Where is the Ball?” booklet.  Purchase from: http://www.montessoriservices.com/seven-prepositions 

Prenatal Sequence 
Arrange 10 labeled picture cards showing prenatal development inmonthly sequence. Cards measure 3" x 4 1/2." Purchase from: http://www.montessoriservices.com/prenatal-sequence

Growth of a Child Sequence   (GS4)
Arrange 10 labeled picture cards showing prenatal development inmonthly sequence. Cards measure 2 1/2" x 5 1/4," and are in full color and laminated. Purchase from: http://www.montessoriservices.com/growth-of-a-child-sequence

Human Life Sequence     
Arrange ten labeled picture cards of a female from newborn to ninety years in decade sequence. Cards measure 2¼” x 5"; they are in full color and laminated.  Purchase from: http://www.montessoriservices.com/human-life-sequence

Daytime/Nighttime     (GS8)
Eight 2-color picture cards (6½” x 31/8”) portray the activities of a child every three hours through a 24-hour day. Each illustration has a 2-color clock face showing the corresponding time of day or night. Three Replicards (8½” x 11") reproduce the picture cards, but without hands on the clocks. Replicards are photocopied to make worksheets for the child to color, to write the time of day, and to draw hands on the clock. The worksheets can be cut apart and stapled together to make a “Daytime/Nighttime” booklet.  Purchase from: http://www.montessoriservices.com/daytime-nighttime-cards

Everyday Objects      (FP5)
Develop awareness of the various materials that are used in the manufacture of familiar household objects. This set provides a simple follow-up sorting activity after sensorial exploration of different materials, and draws the child’s attention to five common manufacturing substances. Sort 15 labeled photocards (3¼” x 4”) under 5 label cards: Metal, Wood, Fiber, Plastic, and Ceramic. Picture cards are in full color and laminated. Purchase from: http://big-picture-science.myshopify.com/collections/physical-science/products/everyday-objects  OR Purchase from: http://www.montessoriservices.com/everyday-objects

Parts of Trucks     (V3)
For all children who love big machines and vehicles, here is an exercise for labeling the parts of four MACK® trucks. Each truck is represented on 7 two-color laminated cards (3.5" x 4"). One card labels the type of truck and 6 cards highlight the specific features of that truck. The Replicard (8½” x 11") reproduces the four trucks. It is photocopied to produce worksheets for the child to color and to write each truck’s name and its six parts, using the 2-color control cards as a reference. Completed worksheets can be stapled together to make a “Parts of a Truck” booklet. Trucks represented are: cement mixer, dump truck, platform truck, tanker truckPurchase from:  http://www.montessoriservices.com/parts-of-trucks-cards (our item number is L414)