Vertebrates / Invertebrates
Early Science  /  Classifying
Plants / Fungi
Elementary Science


Living/Non-Living Classification    
Sort 14 labeled photocards of household objects, plants, and animals under two label cards: living and non-living. The photocards illustrate: pigeon, beetle, turtle, sunflower, butterfly, spruce tree, kitten, clock, cookies, crayons, rock, doll, bike, chair. Cards measure 4” x 3.5” and are in full color and laminated. Purchase from: http://www.montessoriservices.com/living-non-living-classification

Plant/Animal Classification    
ort 14 labeled photocards of familiar plants and animals under two label cards: plant and animal. The photocards illustrate: cactus, fern, fly, goldfish, grass, ivy, oak tree, rabbit, rose, snail, snake, sparrow, toad, tulip. Cards measure 4” x 3.5” and are in full color and laminated.  Purchase from: http://www.montessoriservices.com/plant-animal-classification

Vertebrate/Invertebrate Classification     (GS3)
Sort 14 labeled animal photocards under two label cards: vertebrate and invertebrate. The photocards illustrate: centipede, child, clam, clownfish, earthworm, frog, grasshopper, hummingbird, lizard, mosquito, penguin, squirrel, starfish, tarantula. Cards measure 4” x 3.5” and are in full color and laminated. Purchase from: http://www.montessoriservices.com/vertebrate-invertebrate-classification-cards-1965

Classification of Vertebrates     
Sort 25 labeled animal photocards under 5 classifications cards: fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Cards measure 2¾” x 3” and are in full color and laminated.  Purchase from: http://www.montessoriservices.com/classification-of-vertebrates

Classification of Invertebrates     (AK2)
Sort 25 labeled animal photocards under 5 classifications cards: echinoderms, mollusks, arachnids, crustaceans, and insects. Cards measure 2¾” x 3" and are in full color and laminated.  Purchase from: http://www.montessoriservices.com/classification-of-invertebrates

Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore    
Use these cards to explore the food chain and the diets of a variety of animals. Eighteen laminated photocards (3-1/8” x 4-1/2”) show mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians in the act of eating. The food or prey is clearly visible. Photocards are sorted under three description cards labeled Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore.  Purchase from: http://www.montessoriservices.com/carnivore-herbivore-omnivore

Animals of Seven Continents    (AK3)
Five indigenous animals are illustrated and labeled for each of the six continents and the Polar Regions. Miniature continent maps appear on the animal cards and title cards to make the task of sorting self-correcting. The 35 picture cards are sorted under 8 label cards: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Polar Regions, Australasia (and Australia). Picture cards measure 3” x 3.5”, are in full color and laminated. Purchase from: http://www.montessoriservices.com/animals-of-seven-continents?q=ak3&nsearch=one_redirect

Animals of Seven Continents Replicards     (AK3w)
Designed for photocopying, these 7 cards produce worksheets for a continuing exercise with the Animals of Seven Continents set (AK3). Each Replicard (8½” x 11") is divided into six sections, which includes a continent map, five indigenous animals, and space for each animal’s name. After being colored and labeled, a worksheet can be cut apart, stapled, and made into a “continent” booklet.  Purchase from:

Flags of 6 Continents
Replicards     (G2)
A favorite activity for children is making flags. This set of 12 sheets (8½” x 11") offers four outlined flags per sheet, 8 or more flags per continent, which results in a total of 65 world flags. Photocopy the Replicards to make worksheets to be cut into quarter-pages. The child colors the flag outlines using resource books for each flag’s official colors. Flags are shown with a flagpole to indicate the correct orientation if the colored flag is glued to a stick.  Purchase from:http://www.montessoriservices.com/flags-of-six-continents-replicards?q=g2&nsearch=one_redirect